Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Propane please...I am not stupid!!!

Out in the country we don't have the ability to have natural gas. We get to use a propane tank.
Well, the last six months I have known that our propane gage has been wrong. I tried to tell them the last time I filled up, but the guy just would not believe me.
So, finally I had had it. I knew that this company would give me a hard time about my dilemma. SO, I dialed the phone number with a plan in mind. I can't explain to you how I know the gage is wrong, JUST BELIEVE ME.
Anyway, today I called, the lady I visited with didn't want to believe me. SO, I said, "If you guys aren't worried about it then I guess I won't be either. But I want my gage to be right so I can know the exact amount I have." She sent someone out not wanting to argue with me anymore.
The guy comes out trying to tell me that nothing is wrong with the propane tank my levels are fine. I tell him again, "I know the propane tank is fine but my gage is wrong". He finally believes me "I THINK". Just got a phone call from the guy today. I will be getting a new propane tank tomorrow with a gage that will work!!!! Finally!!!!
I am not a push over anymore. I WILL stick up for myself. and I love doing it. I am not rude and I don't yell, but I don't give up. Especially when I know I am right.
Just wanted to vent and write out this paragraph of my life. Have a great day and don't forget to stick up for yourself.


Natalie said...

Good for you! I'm still learning how to do this. Usually I just get my husband to fight my battles for me. ;)

Sondra said...

Good job! Even though it's a hard thing to do - stick up for yourself... evenually you learn to do it. Plus, with something that is possibly dangerous - a propane tank ... you needed that checked out. Didn't your sister just post about a house blowing up last week?? I would have been nice but forceful too.

I'm glad you got it resolved!

QuiltedSimple said...

Good for you! Our propane tank had a leak for over a year and they wouldn't believe me. When I threatened to call EPA and HazMat - they fixed it in a hurry:)

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Noice one...sometimes you just have to give them a gentle nudge...obviously you were right an they were wrong...who's smiling now like a Chessire Cat YOU!!!

Cherie said...

Good for you! I have noticed in this world of ours that not many people listen anymore. You have got to stick up for yourself!! It is not always easy though. Good job!

Laura Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment.
You have some good stories on your blog - it's been nice to read.
Good for you to keep at what you knew to be right! Sometimes that stuff just has to be done!!
I'll be checking back!

Cherie said...

I was just thinking about you.
I hope everything is going great and that you had a nice Thanksgiving :D

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