Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm hear...and A BIG THANK YOU!!!!

I'M Hear...I think I'm ready to come back to blogging. As you can see I have had a two month leave of blogging. I have had a two month slump. I had to learn a few lessons and now I am ready to get back to life with lessons learned. More to come on that, I suppose.
What a great way to end the year. This week I received a package from Hawaii. My daughter thought I was so cool I have a friend in Hawaii.
I wanted to post a big thank you to Leona...she made some beautiful hand made gifts for me and family to enjoy. I met Leona probably a year ago now. She came to my blog and I really felt a connection with her. Next to my sister, Sandra, I really enjoy Leona and felt a real connection with her. Anyway, here are pictures of what she gave. She is truly a talented woman. She gave me some fun ideas that I want to try this year.
Click on Leona's name up top and visit her blog. She is a wonderful lady. I've enjoyed visiting her blog. She does a lot for her family.