Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm hear...and A BIG THANK YOU!!!!

I'M Hear...I think I'm ready to come back to blogging. As you can see I have had a two month leave of blogging. I have had a two month slump. I had to learn a few lessons and now I am ready to get back to life with lessons learned. More to come on that, I suppose.
What a great way to end the year. This week I received a package from Hawaii. My daughter thought I was so cool I have a friend in Hawaii.
I wanted to post a big thank you to Leona...she made some beautiful hand made gifts for me and family to enjoy. I met Leona probably a year ago now. She came to my blog and I really felt a connection with her. Next to my sister, Sandra, I really enjoy Leona and felt a real connection with her. Anyway, here are pictures of what she gave. She is truly a talented woman. She gave me some fun ideas that I want to try this year.
Click on Leona's name up top and visit her blog. She is a wonderful lady. I've enjoyed visiting her blog. She does a lot for her family.


Small House said...

OH MY GOOD GRIEF!!! How nice! Aren't the items just gorgeous. And all the time and work that went into those. LUCKY YOU!!! What a nice, nice person.

OKAY....I haven't heard about your Christmas yet. COME ONE CHICKY!!

simple country living! said...

Hey there Janice! I AM SO SORRY that your goodies didn't make it in time for Christmas! I tried & tried to get the ooomph (LOL) to get to the post office, but I had sooooo much sewing to do(grandchildren's gifts, you know!) & was having so much fun doing it was hard to pry me away from my machine! LOL! I am so happy that you enjoy your gifts from me all the way over here in Hawai'i!
You have been such a blessing to me, as well! Hopefully, we both can pull ourselves out of the blogging slump that we seem to have been in!
Enjoy & may the Lord bless you & your family abundantly with good health, peace, joy & prosperity this coming year, and always! HE SURE IS GOOD!
~be blessed~

Angie said...

I am glad your back! I have missed reading your blog. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. What a really nice friend to send such great things:)

Sondra said...

What a fun gift. She has such talent. Homemade gifts - made with love are my favorite. It was really nice of her. It's great to see a blog from you. Happy New Year!!

Dahlene said...

How beautiful. She is such a nice person to send all that to you for Christmas. What a special friend.