Friday, August 28, 2009

Tonight's the night

The count down has begun. Only 2 hours left for the big premier of Wizards movie. Here at our house we are way excited. Tonight we will be having a wizard party. We will start out by making some frozen pizza with A&W Rootbeer, then we are playing a board game, my husband will do 2 magic tricks and then we will start the show.
Of course, we will be popping popcorn and having a lot of chocolate. Looking forward to our Friday night party!!!
P.S. This is my 100th post. Hard to believe I actually made it this far. I will be putting together a SMALL giveaway soon. Little nervous about doing it since everyone else has cute giveaways. Stay tuned for that. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!


Small House said...

I haven't heard about this show. Not that it would do us a bit of good. We cancelled satellite. It looks like it will be cute.

Sounds like a fun premiere party. The girl is the movie looks adorable.

Cherie said...

I think it is so great when you can make a party out of a fun show! I bet your kids will love it - You are a cool mom!!!

Angie said...

How was the show and the party? I want to have a wizard party how fun! your such a cute creative mom:)Congrats on your 100 post and it doesn't matter what you give at the giveaway. Its the thought that counts right?

Ann Marie said...

So is this show on DVD??
I havent heard of it either!

I love movie nights with the family! What fun they are~ Especially with such yummo treats!

I have been thinking of you.. hope you and your husband are still OK and positive!

Shed In The Stix said...

I loved the show. It is one of my favorite Disney shows yet(besides High School Musical, of course) We had our own little party here for the whole week end!!!