Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can't believe it...

I can't believe it has been four weeks since school has been out. The summer is going by faster than I would like. I have been trying hard to have fun activities for my kids to do. Even though we have a little set back this summer I don't want my kids to have the burden.

  • So, thanks to prayer I have been able to come up with some good things we have done so far. Like we have played water games at the park, have a library day, a be creative day, and just yesterday we played water tag with a spray bottle. I bought each person their own spray bottle from Walmart (.97 cents) and took it to the park to play tag, and just a spray water fight. It actually was a lot of fun. I think everyone liked it.

We drove 40 miles from here to go find a pond. We are reading Trumpet of the Swan and so we thought it would be fun to go explore around a pond. It didn't go so well because it rained on us, and we took our dogs. So we will have to do that one again without the dogs.

I guess I have learned that it is doing the little things that create a fun family. We don't have to spend a lot of money and go on fancy trips, it is just doing something together. What a great lesson to learn. I suppose something I needed to learn.


simple country living! said...

Hi Janice! Yes, summertime is a busy time when it comes to thinking up activities for the kids! Sounds like you're having a grand time! Ever try a short hike? We now have island-wide FREE bus transportation & one day I realized that my grand-girls have never rode it before! daughter & I took the 3 of them(elementary school aged) on a bus ride around town that lasted about 2 1/2 hours because we got off & went to the Farmer's Market as well! We also did a short visit to a little ocean museum here! We all enjoyed the adventure, but the girls were so thrilled to have gone on a "real" bus (NOT the school bus! LOL!)
Have a great adventure this summer! Take care & God bless!

Vickie said...

I love your ideas. You are so creative. : )

Angie said...

I agree you dont need to spend money to have a good time! I have been really impressed with myself at the amount of things I have found to do around here that costs nothing at all! It makes me sad that I didn't take advantage of the fun things in Utah. I will someday though...your great and I hope your weekend is too!

Small House said...

You're doing the things I had to do with my kids when they were small. We didn't have any money at all, so this was just how it was. I didn't know any other way.

Trumpet of the Swan is one of Chaz's favorite books. I bought it for myself at Christmas, but haven't been able to read it yet.
Have a good day.