Sunday, March 1, 2009

What...Two Awards? Amazing!!

I dropped by my favorite blog, In This Small House, and noticed I was given two awards. Not just one but TWO!!
I received the star commenter award.
I enjoy receiving comments but I really love to leave a comment to let the person know I dropped by and enjoyed their blog. Every blog is unique and never the same as anyone else.
I can really tell what a personality is like by looking at someones blog. It is so fun!!

This next award I received is the lemonade award. I thought maybe I deserved to sit down and enjoy a glass of lemonade. Earlier I made some lemonade, put my feet up, and have been enjoying my lemonade while I work on this post.

Now I get the privilege of passing on these awards to a few of my blogging friends that I enjoy visiting. I also get stressed out about passing these on because I enjoy so many. Here are those that I pass this on to.

I was noticing that some ladies had already received this lemonade award so if you have I'm sorry you are getting it twice. I guess that just gives you another excuse to sit and enjoy a good drink of lemonade!!

Winona- She has an amazing talent with quilting. SHe deserves to enjoy a good drink of lemonade having gone through a painful few weeks. Thanks for your comments also.

Annette- She is my sister-in-law and she needs to enjoy a nice drink. She is busy with her four children and expecting her fifth child. She does a lot for her family. Thanks for your comments.

Bobbi Jo- I just recently met Bobbi Jo and found that she lives in the town I just moved from. I have enjoyed visiting her blog. Take a break with a yummy drink and thanks for your comments too.

Leona- She works hard at helping her grandchildren and her own children. I have enjoyed following her blog and appreciate her comments.

Kris- She has a fun blog to look at. She takes good care of her family and wants to improve herself and her family. Thanks for your comments also.

Becca- I like to look at this blog every once in a while. She is doing a great job being a farmer's wife. She has had a sick family and for sure needs to take a break and enjoy a good drink.

Jolene- This a friend of mine from AZ. She works hard at taking care of her family and serving the ladies in her ward. Take a break!! Thanks for your comments.

Janae- This a good friend also from AZ. She is a wonderful homemaker and a very good mother. She serves hard for the children in her stake. SIT DOWN and have a drink of lemonade. Thanks for all your sweet comments also.

Dahlene- She is also a friend that I met in AZ and enjoyed getting to know her more through blogging and good old Face Book. I know she is a wonderful mother and serves hard also. Thanks for your comments also.

I'm giving you all permission (guilt free) to put your feet up and enjoy a cold cup of lemonade and keep those comments flowing. A comment can make someones day. I know it makes my day when I receive a comment from all of you.


The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for the awards. :) I'm definitely looking forward to some lemonade, especially in the warm summer sun!

Dahlene said...

That is such a great 'Thankful' blog. Thanks for the lemonade. I will keep posting those comments.

The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats! You deserve them!

Amy said...

Congrats on your award. Happy March to you. Thanks for coming by my page and saying hi. Have a great day or night. Not sure when you are going to read this.

simple country living! said...

Hi Janice! Congratulations on your awards! You really do deserve them! And...thank you for considering me for the award! I LOVE PINK LEMONADE! You are such a sweet, fresh inspiration & I always look forward to coming by your blog for a quick visit! Keep up the good works!

Bobbi Jo said...

Thank you so much! That is too cool. I am doing the happy dance with a big old smile on my face. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

QuiltedSimple said...

Congrats on the Awards! And thank you! I'm definitely ready for some lemonade..

Something Marvellous said...

Congrats on the awards!

SILVER said...

Congrats! Sounds really nice.

David and Annette Dopp said...

Thanks for the awards. I needed a break and you gave it to me.

Janae said...

Thanks for the award! I really do need to put up my feet and drink some lemonade! I just don't know when that will be! LOL!