Friday, February 27, 2009

I Had to...

This story began last Sunday when my husband wanted to start a puzzle we had gotten for Christmas. Mike loves doing puzzles and takes it very serious.
So, he worked hard on it all afternoon and when he was done for the day he had gotten a lot done in the middle. Mike kept telling John, our three year old, to not touch the pieces and not throw them on the floor. John did very well not touching them and getting the pieces.
Monday came around and the puzzle was still not completed. I was busy doing my Monday morning work and not watching John to closely with the puzzle. When I finally noticed the puzzle it looked like this:
I told John that he would have to show Dad what he did to Dad's puzzle.
Kayci came home from school that day and noticed the puzzle. Kayci said, "Oh no John you ruined the puzzle" John then said to Kayci, "I HAD TO". I had to laugh it was so cute.
I'm sure he stayed away from that puzzle as long as he could. I love boys, they are a lot of fun!!


Small House said...

Poor John. I'm sure he felt a lot of pressure in his little heart and mind before Mike got home. Oh how I would have loved to been a fly on his wall.

Don't you wonder why he thought he "had to"? Oh what a kid.

I bet Mike about died.

That John...Gotta love him.

Janice said...

When John heard Mike come home he hurried and hid his face. Mike just went Oh No. We didn't get mad at him at all. I'm sure he did worry himself. Mike decided that he will puzzles when John is a little older.

kari and kijsa said...

Too cute!!
kari & kijsa

Shannon said...

Oh no!! How cute though. :) Poor hubby though. :)

Shanda said...

We love puzzles too! We are looking forward to when our littlest one is old enough to understand not to pull it all apart and throw the pieces!

Congratulations on your two new blog awards!!