Sunday, March 29, 2009

Be Agressive, Be, Be, Agressive...

Miss Kayci, KICK That ball!! I got to cheer for Kayci during indoor soccer. Every game I threatened to stand up and do the "Be Agressive" cheer. She would say, "No Mom, Please don't embarrass me".

This was a good thing for Kayci, she is so shy and just doesn't dare be agressive. She will learn, I suppose. She will be starting outdoor soccer in April. I'm excited to keep seeing her improve.

I taught my primary class today about being kind. We talked about why it is important and discussed ways to be kind. Here is a quote I had each of them read aloud.

" We should always think about how others feel. We should be kind to everyone, as Jesus was. He loves all of us. It doesn't matter how we look." Cheryl C. Lant


Dahlene said...

Go Kayci! I think she will get more aggressive as time goes on. If not, maybe team sports aren't her thing. I have one boy who is always a team leader. He gets right in there and moves that ball around. On the other hand, I have 2 boys who stand back and watch the ball go by. I've found they do better in individual sports like, karate, golf, and snowboarding. Jayden is great at playing the piano and trumpet too. Sometimes it takes a few years to find out what they really like and are good at. Soccer is so much fun!

QuiltedSimple said...

go kayci!!! That looks like such fun!

Cherie said...

I absolutely love that quote at the end of your post.

"He loves us all. It doesn't matter how we look".

I never had kids that played soccer but I think it is great when girls get involved in sports!

Small House said...

Janice you can only do the be aggressive dance if the tape is rolling. I want to see it!!!

Kayci looks so cute! And did you say shy???? I know what you mean. Soccer will be good for her. Is she still dancing?

Loved your thought. It's going up on our fridge.
Have a good day.

Bobbi Jo said...

We need to be kind to others and spread the kindness the world needs it badly.
I love to play soccer and with the right coach she will become more sure of herself and probably come out of her shell.
Good luck on your work today.

Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Something Marvellous said...

I love that quote you shared.