Friday, January 30, 2009

This is for you, Diane...

These are the family dogs. I have to say they are cute but I am not a dog person. Sorry, Diane.
I could do without having dogs, but these dogs have really helped Clarissa and Kayci. I would say that they have helped Clarissa the most. Before we got our dogs my girls would not go explore up the mountain, but after we got the dogs they would go play up the mountain and go on adventures. Because of the dogs the girls go outside and play. For that I am happy to have dogs around the place. They have to stay outside, but they are nice and warm in a great dog house my husband made.
This was taken from inside the house. I saw Bock sitting there and it was such a cute shot, I had to take a picture.

Here is Bock and Wally out front playing and roaming around the property. They are really good friends. Bock follows Wally around everywhere. Wally the lab is for sure the leader of the pack.


QuiltedSimple said...

Very pretty dogs!

Small House said...

Not being a dog lover like you, I will say they are cute dogs. I even like our dog Pepper. We must be softening Janice.

Small House said...

I've just awarded you the creative blogger award. You can review the rules and pick it up at my blog.