Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Humbled Heart leads to embarrasing tears

My day yesterday was a typical Tuesday but that night I had the honor to play the piano at the adult care center for the elderly. My friend works there and asked for my help to play some songs for the people there. I had the chance to meet some amazing men and women.
These men and women have alzheimer's disease. I couldn't help but have a soft heart when visiting with them. I knew that they had all been my age at one time and lived a full life and had families that they loved and took care of. I was able to visit with a man that was giving me instructions on how to build something, I thanked him and told him that he was a good man and he said to me "I hope so".
Some of the other people there would make me chuckle inside because they would yell out and say things like, "stop talking to me" or "we better call her and see what she needs" or a women would get frustrated at another lady and then would ask me if these people were driving me crazy. I just smiled and told her "no". I will for sure go back again.
I have a place in my heart for the elderly. I grew up with parents that were constantly helping the widows of our home town. My mom was always visiting someone at the rest home in Logan and I always got to go with her. My parents also visited those that were in the hospital and I appreciate the experience because it has helped me not be afraid, but to love those in need.
So, after an amazing night with the elderly I had to work my way over to a school board meeting where I shared my thoughts on next years boundary change. I really am not looking forward to the school change for next year because I love the school we are at. Never the less, the board decided to proceed with the boundary change and my girls have to change schools. I have since then found peace about this and know that it might be for the better.
After my comment and the vote of the school board, the super intendent came over and called me out to the hall with him. He started to speak and there came the tears. I did not want to cry especially in front of him. Then he called over the principal to the new school we will attend and I still cried visiting with him. Now I'll be known as the crazy mother. Oh well, Anyone that knows me knows that my emotions are on my sleeve and can cry when things get to me.
So, the moral to this experience is the next time you need to go to a school board meeting don't go help with the elderly first. A humbled heart can lead to embarrasing tears that you can't take back and feel silly about later.
Something to think about: "...When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17


Winona said...

Ahhh Janice, I was touched by your post. I, too, wear my emotions on my sleeve. I cry about everything and everyone close to me knows this and accepts it. I am sure these men did not think you are crazy, just a little emotional about your daughters changing schools. I think it is so wonderful for you to visit with these elderly people. I lost 2 aunts to alzheimers about 1 1/2 years ago. It is a horrible disease. Sometimes they would know me and other times not. They still thought their parents and my dad (their brother) were all still alive.(They have all been gone for many years.) It was hard to visit, but I did and I am so glad that I did. Here is a ((((HUG)))) for you for being so kind to these elderly people who so desperately need it.

Dahlene said...

You are so sweet. I wish I could be as good as you. You are always going out of your way to be good to others. Keep it up.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great reminder of the good we all need to do! Our school is facing so many changes due to budget cuts - it saddens me that the kids are going to have to face these changes as well. Have a great day!

sageapprentice said...

There's nothing to be ashamed of, Janice. I'm sure that they were impressed to see a parent that cares so much-there definitely aren't enough of those!

Linda said...

Better a soft heart than not I say. Until I had my kids 30 years ago, I only worked in nursing homes - from the laundry room and finally as charge nurse out of college. There is always a need for someone with a soft heart so do go back. It will mean more than you ever know.

Shanda said...

That is really actually a beautiful story! My mom worked with the elderly and I used to go visit them all of the time with her. There was one woman who used to be a judge for the Miss America pageant and she would make me walk up and down the halls with her practicing my "walk." ;) Bless you for being a blessing to them!

As to being the "crazy mother," that is MUCH better than being one who doesn't care. I think I speak for principals everywhere when I say that they would rather have an emotional mom who cares about her child's education than one who drops off and picks up without an ounce of emotion or involvement.

Thank you so much for posting the Titus 2 Tuesday button on your blog! I am looking forward to your post tomorrow!