Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not JUST a Mom!!

I am NOT just a Mom. I am a Mom that is ready to stand up for what I believe is right for this country. I was watching Glenn Beck tonight, he has had moms on his show trying to make a difference in their communities and wanting to help shape America. On his program a mom started a website titled As A Mom. I am passing on this information.
As a Latter Day Saint woman, I know the power of a mom. A mom is what holds together a home and family. So why can't we help with America. It is time I get involved with knowing what is going on and being part of even my community. I have started in a small way by being on the PTA Board, which I didn't realize how time consuming it is, but I need to be out there knowing what my children are facing. So, I will get off my soap box and share the website that I learned about tonight. Life is Good!!


Angie said...

I agree that you are not just a mom! Mom's are very important these days with as wicked as the world has gotten. Its nice that our church values motherhood. I know you are an amazing mom and a great support to your husband. Keep your chin up your awesome:)

Small House said...

YOU GO GIRL!! Before you know it you'll be the PTA President.

Thanks for sharing the web-site.

Ann Marie said...

I agree.. We have alot to offer this world.. If only they will take heed... :)
PTA?? You are WAY better than I am.