Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Was Time to Spice it up

Hello!! This weekend I was needing a change for decorating. I have a jar on my entertainment center that has been the same for five months and I wanted it to change. I knew I wanted to place something summery inside. This idea came to my mind. I think it is fun.

I wanted sand in the bottom of the jar, but I couldn't find a little bag of sand. I was able to find two bags of sea shells at the dollar store. I found my shovels out in my shed. This was a cheap way to change my jar. I have enjoyed this change.

Have a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

that's really cute. I would never have thought of it.

Cherie said...

Janice the jar came out so cute.

That is a great idea to change up the seasons or the holidays. Good job!

I also love the little stitchery on the right side - Love it!

Sondra said...

Very Cute!! I love the seashells with the shovels... it looks sooo beachy!

BTW I am glad you are back!

Angie said...

I could send you some sand!:) I love doing things for different seasons and you are always very creative. I hope things are well at your house.

Dahlene said...

How fun Janice! You are such a creative lady and a fun mom.

Small House said...

AH, HA....This is a keeper. I love it! I can see why you enjoy it.

Glad your back, THAT'S FOR SURE!