Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Totally "Wicked" Weekend

I had a fantastic wickedly weekend. I had the opportunity to go see the show Wicked with my in-laws and friends of my sister-in-law. Anyway, before the show we went out to dinner at a really nice italian restaurant. Then walked over to the Capital Theatre for the show. I must say I had a personal emotional moment during the show. Amazing story and great music. I think when I watch the Wizard of Oz I will think differently of the wicked witch of the west. Thanks Annette I copied your pictures from your blog, because I'm toooooo impatient to wait for pictures downloading on my extremely slow computer.

I'm in the very back row bending down with the pink shirt. What a fun night!! Thanks Diane for making this night happen for us all. I suppose I owe my husband a very big thank you for sending me out the door and taking care of the home front. I must say he did very well. He was in charge of taking the girls to their own performance at the HS and a soccer game in the morning. Thanks MIKE!!


simple country living! said...

Hi Janice! You look like you had such a great time! Yay! Have a great week!

Bobbi Jo said...

What a fun night you must have had. Looks like you gals all had a great time. I am happy for you.
Great entertainment when a moment can hit you like that. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Small House said...

FUN!! You look like you were having a blst. Still think you are a way lucky duck.

Hey...I haven't heard about our Healthapalooza. Are there any details I need to know about?
Have a great day.

Cherie said...

So glad you had fun! It is a GREAT show isn't it!! I still listen to my CD of the music all the time - it is just so good!

Your husband is so nice to take care of everything so you could go!