Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxed Enough Already!!

I am so tired, but I just wanted to do this before I went to bed. Tonight my little family and I went to the Vernal Tea Party. I so wished I had my camera with me. I was so happy to see people in front of our court house with signs and flags to say "NO MORE" , "I AM NOT AN ATM" and many more I can't remember right now. It was so awesome. There were a good 1000 people there all for the same thing. We are tired of having excessive spending and having leaders that don't care about the American people. I must say I did shed some tears during a speech given by our local talk radio announcer and when the National Anthem was sung. I cheered and yelled "No More". It was a great night...until THE SOCCER GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud to say that I went to the Tea Party and I did my part to help tell Obama, YOU SUCK!! Ok, I am laughing right now with my husband because that is quite harsh, but it is how I feel. Have a great night, day, morning whatever you are having.


Small House said...

I had no idea about the "Tea Party" until driving home today from work. There was quit a turn out at our local Court House.

Love your craft yesterday. How did I miss that? Really cute idea.

Have a great day

Cherie said...

I am super impressed that 1000 people showed up in Vernal! Wow!

I have to admit like Sandra that I had no idea these things were going on so I am so glad for the people who made a showing - It is awesome!