Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Wanted to Share...

Just wanted to share what is on my heart today. This morning in my sacrament service I had such an amazing moment.
The speakers today were our stake presidency members. I haven't felt the spirit like this in so long.
The speaker that really touched my heart was teaching us about hearing the words of the Lord. To have a soft and humble heart that we may hear the words that we need to hear.
I cried through the entire meeting. He tought us to find where our hearts should be and learn to forgive those that have hurt us in any way. My heart is full because I had been given the chance to have my heart filled with forgiveness, and find the words of the Lord for me. It was just over a year ago that I had my own Gethsemane. I knelt before the feet of the Lord and pleaded and desired that my heart be healed and able to love and be loved. I have a testimony and knowledge for myself that the Lord will truly heal our hearts and will give us a pure heart. I know that it is hard and takes sometime and work to have a change of heart. When we plead and desire for such a change we can have it. As I tought in my primary class today...Jesus will never come in unless we open the door. Jesus is waiting for us to open the door of our heart to let him in. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me a humble and pure heart and now my job each day is to choose to keep it open.
Here is a scripture that helped change my life: Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8
Isn't this what we all desire, to see God and be with Him in the end?


Shannon said...

What a great post.

Cherie said...

Those are beautiful thoughts. I love when the spirit touches your heart with those things you need to know in your life.
Thanks for sharing those feelings :D

Bobbi Jo said...

Thank you for sharing with us. I feel the true feelings of your heart coming through your words. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Dahlene said...

Thanks for the post. I love moments like those I get once in awhile. Thanks for your insight.