Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Fancy Nancy"...tea party

Kayci and I had such a fun day today. We were able to dress up and go to a "Fancy Nancy" tea party at our local library. Our library is amazing, they have such fun activities that we can be involved in. I had a lot of fun spending time one on one with kayci. She is a fun girl and loves to be a girl. This is her kind of day!! Thanks Kayci for coming with me.
Don't you love my hat. I couldn't find a fancy hat for me at the thrift store, but I was able to find Kayci's hat this week. I was so excited when I
found it for $1.00.
The ladies at the library went to a lot of work to give these girls a fun tea party they will never forget. We had yummy refreshments and the girls got to have their finger nails painted and each girl took home a cute purse with lip gloss, a pen and more.
Something to think about: "No matter what our individual circumstances are, we all have the opportunity to edify and nurture others"
Silvia H. Allred


Winona said...

Janice, I just love the pictures on your post today. You both look so cute. (grin) So nice of the library to have a fancy tea party for the little girls. I am sure they all had lots of fun. Winona

Small House said...

OH my WORD! What a great library. And doesn't Kayci look so fancy. I know she's loving all the pampering. Right up her alley.
Have a good day.

Dahlene said...

That is just so cute! What a fun time you had. I'm sure Kayci will always remember the time she went to a tea party with her mom and got her fingernails painted.

Cute post and pictures. By the way, I love your blue hat--it is so you!

QuiltedSimple said...

What a fun time that looks like. Love the pictures! What a great library - ours does stuff like that during the day when I am at work:(

Shanda said...

How fun! What a wonderful library to host a tea. Our Recreation Centers where we used to live would host "Teddy Bear Teas" every spring. It was so adorable.

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so precious!

I moved! Come visit me at

Tiffany said...

What a fun party! I love libraries!

simple country living! said...

Hi there Janice! Just trying to see if it works! And what cute pictures!
Take care!

Janae said...

I love that you got to spend that time with Kacey! That is something you both will always remember!