Monday, January 19, 2009

The Kitchen

Right now I should be in the kitchen cleaning my sink full of dishes. Instead I am here doing this. First, I truly do not like the kitchen. Am I the only one who doesn't like the kitchen? It is the one frustrating thing for me being a homemaker. I guess I should say, keeping the kitchen clean is not my favorite thing. In our kitchen we don't have a dish washer so I have been forced to get in a habit of doing dishes after dinner (which is a good thing). One positive thing is my two girls are learning how to do dishes by hand. The dishes never seem to end, instead they multiply (I'm sure). I wanted to focus on two of my favorite things in my kitchen right now. Maybe looking at something positive in my kitchen will help take the frustration away.

I discovered a new powdered juice from Walmart. It is the sugar free packets called Cherry Limeade (Walmart brand). You know the powdered drinks by the Crystal Light. The cherry limeade is delicious!! I highly recommend it. Behind and to the side of the drink is what I asked for Christmas. I asked my husband for a fun kitchen gadget and he got me a hot chocolate maker. This has been so fun for me. It has a spout on the front that is fun for my daughter Kayci. She loves hot chocolate and has fun when I make it. Thanks for coming by and enjoying my two favorite things in my kitchen and listening about my frustration in the kitchen. Have a nice evening and I hope you come visit again.

I really am going now to clean my kitchen!! Seriously!!


simple country living! said...

Hey Janice! I hear ya! I HATE doing dishes too! And...I live in a house full of other people, so there's ALWAYS dishes in my sink! LOL! My husband's perfect solution (which to me is NOT a good idea) is that everyone wash their own! I disagree because we have a wide range of ages here (youngest person is 5, all the way up to 56 yr old husband!) I KNOW that I'd end up washing my own, the 5yr old's, 6 yr old's, 8 yr old's, & sometimes the 12 yr old's!! LOL So to me, that is NOT the solution! So actually, it works out where when the sink starts to accumulate more than a couple of dishes, cups or whatever...any one of the adults will do it. The grandchildren ALWAYS want to wash dishes...but I have this "thing" about it is my own doing! hehehe!
My very favorite chore is washing clothes & hanging out in the sun on the clothesline to dry!I do that EVERYDAY!
You see, there are 8 adults & 5 children in our home~3 generations of us here & I wouldn't give that up for anything! There's never a dull moment around here! LOL! And it's a good thing that we have a lot of room! Actually, one of my sons is building his house in the back portion of our lot for his family, so in the meantime, the gang's all here! And then,one of my daughters & her family have pretty much always lived here with us. So I get to have someof my grandchildren around me all the time! Yay!
Take care & I hope you never feel guilty about hating chores! Basking in every minute of your children IS more important, because they really do grow up before you know it anyway! Enjoy their childhood while you still have it!

simple country living! said...

Hey there! It's me again JAnice~Please go over to Lalisha's (so much FUN,not enough time) blog to find out how to post the PIF logo on your blog...I read your post there, so I left instructions to do it..Hope I made it clear enough! LOL Please let me know if you're able to do the logo!

simple country living! said...

LOL LOL! Oh! I see you beat me to it! After I posted the last one, I went to your main page & lo & behold! It is there already! LOL!

Kimonos and Sushi said...

I don't like the dishes either we have a system here . I was one dries and one puts away, it seems to work well...No dishwasher for me I have 3 helpful dishwashers.LOL

Small House said...

Hey, when you're done, zip on over to my house and help me. I had yesterday and today off. Yesterday the plan was to get the cleaning done, and today craft. Nope...yesterday hospital with dad. Clean what I can today. Looks like not a lot of crafting as planned. Have a good day.
Really I'm serious, come clean LOL!!!

QuiltedSimple said...

I hate the kitchen - but as I've learned to bake and cook more, I've come to enjoy it. I had one of those hot chocolate makers - we burn them up at a rate of 1 per winter making cappucino and hot chocolate constantly. I loved it though!