Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun outside with the dogs

The favorite thing for Clarissa, Kayci and now John is to jump on the trampoline. The girls love to put wally and Baq on trampoline. The dogs love it. They run around and go crazy. Thanks Dave & Annette for giving us back our trampoline. If we didn't have that then Clarissa & Kayci wouldn't play outside as much. They can jump and play on that for hours and they have.


Jessica said...

sounds like fun! Any snow yet?

James duo said...

Hi Janice,

Of course I remember you!!! I miss you and was actually thinking of you the other day. How are things going with you? Take care.

Alisa James

One BIG HAPPY Family said...

Okay - do you remember me? Christine Cahan? I've thought about you a lot especially since I was just at your house last month or the month before - we played Bunco there. Anyway - I have a blog, but it's private so email me at and I will send out the invite.

Small House said...

LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK. You've got to bring me up to speed.

Hope to see more pictures of you and the kids soon. Miss you guys! Beth told grandma on monday that we were adopting Kayci. Beth misses them to.